Diehl AKO PLATINUM Inverters and Monitoring

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Diehl AKO


Diehl AKO PLATINUM Photovoltaic Products

Diehl AKO, an enterprise of the Diehl group, sets standards for the development of innovative photovoltaic products by means of innovation and high-tech production in Germany.  A tradition stretching back over more than one hundred years coupled with the safety of a production volume of over 20,000 electronics a day in Germany alone form the basis for outstanding inverter technology at the highest level of proficiency (conversion efficiency 98 percent; photon test 02/09: excellent A+).  Manufacturing technology using an unprecedented six-step test technique guarantees the highest quality and reliability.   Diehl AKO PLATINUM inverters are all “Made in Germany” and are tested to meet AS4777 and AS3100 requirements.

Solar Wonderland is an Authorised Distributor for Diehl AKO PLATINUM PV Products.


PLATINUM S Series                 
PLATINUM S SeriesExtreme reliability also under difficult environment conditions. Thanks to the "galvanic isolation", the PLATINUM S inverters meet the highest international safety standards and allows to earth the positive or the negative terminal on the DC side as required. This makes the device especially suitable for the application with thin-film modules of any technology. Thanks to the fast and precise RAC-MPP technology, the PLATINUM S obtains an extraordinary yield.  PLATINUM S inverters have a high overload capability and can deal with peak loads without any problems. As a wide-range device it is suitable for the use in lots of module combinations.
 PLATINUM Monitoring

PLATINUM Monitoring

Automatic PV plant monitoring, evaluation of system data.

  • Intelligent appliances
  • Flexibly fitted to your needs


PLATINUM TL SeriesNew transformerless string inverter series with a maximum efficiency of 98 % and top-class MPP tracking – top performance between 4 and 22 kW without compromises. The DC input voltage range which is extraordinary broad for its class enables a very flexible plant configuration across all module types.
Due to the exceptionally high protection type IP66 the converters are predestined for rough outdoor use. Standardly equipped with a data logger with a memory capacity of up to 30 years and a full graphic display. By default, all PLATINUM inverters come equipped with the PLATINUM network interface.

Photon International graded PLATINUM 6300 TL “Excellent A+”.