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The PV Monitor allows a comfortable and clear display of all important measured values of your PV plant.
The performance and yield of the plant, as well as of the individual inverters, can be visualized for different periods of time such as days, months or years.
The well-arranged user interface allows an intuitive operation.
You can change the graphics and the name assignment to match your preferences.
The export function to Excel, XML and Text format enables you to postprocess the measured data.
Evaluation of PV plant data
  • With the PV-Monitor, you can conveniently check the function and feeding of your photovoltaic plant with PLATINUM inverters from your PC
  • The PV-Monitor consists of the PV-Monitor software and the CommStick
  • The measured values of the PLATINUM inverters are transferred to your PC via the CommStick
  • The PV-Monitor software displays these measured values graphically for a day, a week, a month or a year
  • The PV-Monitor makes your PC the central datalogger. The built-in export function, e.g. by Excel, enables you to post-process your data
  • A connection between the PC and the inverters can be easily established via the EIA485 communication bus
Technical data PV-Monitor
Technical data
PC requirements
     Operating system Windows 2000 or XP Framework 2.0
     Working memory at least 64 MB
     Hard disk required for PV-Monitor 50 MB
     Recommended clock rate 800 MHz
     Interface USB 1.1 or higher
Operating conditions
     0 .. bis 40°, dry interior rooms
     H 92 x W 25 x D 22 mm
Package contents
    with PV-Monitor software
Connecting cable inverter
    Patch cable, EIA485, 5 m
Connecting cable to PC
    USB extension cable, about 0.3 m
Installation and operating manual
Article no.
    239 403


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