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* In July 2011, we changed our company name from Solar Wonderland to NeuTek Energy.
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With the Webmaster, there is no need to worry: Your PV plant is in good hands. It is under surveillance day and night!

With the Webmaster, you can record detailed data and measured values of individual inverters as well as of the whole plant and visualize them with a PC: e.g. the current power, daily, monthly or annual yields, configuration data etc.

You can work directly on the plant via the PC.




Monitoring of photovoltaic plants
  • In case of malfunctions, you receive an automatic message on your PC or your mobile phone
  • You have many possibilities to evaluate your photovoltaic plant’s efficiency
  • Platinum EIA485 communication makes it easy to connect the Webmaster to the inverters
  • For remote monitoring, you have access to the local telephone network via an analog modem or an ISDN adapter. Accessing the mobile network is possible as well
  • Connection to a local PC via a LAN (ethernet) interface
Technical data
Core      Pentium architecture, 133 MHz, 32 MB RAM
Operating system     Linux
Memory card     256 MB Compact Flash, built-in
Display     LEDs for status and power display
Time      Synchronization via time server
Power supply      external 12 to 30 VDC, 5 W (power supply unit supplied)
Interfaces     2 RJ 45 ports to Platinum inverter network EIA485
    Network EIA485
      1 x D-Sub 9 port to long distance data transmission/modem
      1 x RJ 45 port to LAN ethernet (10/100)
      Via terminal strip: COM RS 232, potential-free relay output, potential-free digital input
Operating conditions      0 .. to +40 °C, dry interior rooms
Housing     Metal housing without fan for mounting on walls or mounting rails
Dimensions      W 175 x H 155 x D 45 mm
Weight      800 g
Protection rating      IP 20
Article no.     239 400
Analog modem      Article no. 239 404
ISDN modem      Article-no. 239 405
GSM modem      Article no.239 406
Patch cable, 1m, RS 485     Article no. 239 407
Patch cable, 5m, RS 485     Article no. 239 408
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Jan 2, 2010, 8:27 PM