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PLATINUM 2100S / 2800S / 3100S / 3800S / 4300S / 4301S / 4600S / 4601S


Transformer with Galvanic Isolation
Extreme reliability also under difficult environment conditions. Thanks to the "galvanic isolation", the PLATINUM S inverters meet the highest international safety standards and allows to earth the positive or the negative terminal on the DC side as required. This makes the device especially suitable for the application with thin-film modules of any technology. Thanks to the fast and precise RAC-MPP technology, the PLATINUM S obtains an extraordinary yield.  PLATINUM S inverters have a high overload capability and can deal with peak loads without any problems. As a wide-range device it is suitable for the use in lots of module combinations.

10 years warranty
Extended warranty to 20 years (optional) 




PLATINUM S - galvanically isolated

Works very reliably in difficult environments - steadily and regardless of temperature

Thanks to the circuit principle "galvanic isolation", PLATINUM S inverters can be safely combined with amorphic modules

Suitable for connection to the PLATINUM network
Serial datalogger

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