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PLATINUM 4300TL / 4800TL / 5300TL / 6300TL / 7200TL / 13000TL / 16000TL / 19000TL / 22000TL

Transformerless Maximum Efficiency 98% 
New transformerless string inverter series with a maximum efficiency of 98 % and top-class MPP tracking – top performance between 4 and 22 kW without compromises. The DC input voltage range which is extraordinary broad for its class enables a very flexible plant configuration across all module types.

PLATINUM TL large combines all established advantages of the PLATINUM TL class. The large PLATINUM TL inverters between 13 kW and 22 kW are extra-powerful and feature 3-phase feed and a maximum efficiency of up to 98%. They are equipped with multi-string inputs and are suitable for outdoor use.

Photon International graded PLATINUM 6300 TL “Excellent A+”.

10 years warranty
Extended warranty to 20 years (optional)

PLATINUM TL - for a broad performance range

Feeding starts at 8 W
High yield thanks to top-class MPP tracking

PLATINUM TL – top performance between 4 kW and 7.2 kW
PLATINUM TL large – top performance between 13 kW and 22 kW
Maximum efficiency up to 98%

PLATINUM TL for 1-phase feed
PLATINUM TL large for 3-phase feed

PLATINUM TL large is equipped with 3 MPP trackers that work independently

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