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The perfect design with PLATINUM SolarConfig V4.0.0

"SolarConfig" is a software provided free of charge to help you choose the most suitable PLATINUM inverter for your solar system.  It does not only help with the selection of PLATINUM inverter types, but also with determining the number of strings and the number of PLATINUM inverters.

There is an extensive list of solar modules that you can choose in SolarConfig. Should the module that you use not appear in the list, you can just enter the required data yourself.

You can download SolarConfig from the
Download page under "SolarConfig_V4.0.0.exe". 

The operation requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE). This is available on most newer operating systems.  If JRE is not installed on your computer, you can download the SolarConfig along with the JRE from our download page under "SolarConfig_V3.3.3_jre_win.exe".

note: This program is suitable to check the string design of photovoltaic plants.  It is provided free of charge.  Data and functionality of the program has been carefully tested.  Nevertheless we cannot take resposibility for direct or indirect damages caused by using this program.